A Tale of Two Cities Ch 5 and 6

A Tale of 2 Cities Ch 5 and 6

English 4– A Tale of Two Cities– Chapters 5 and 6 Research Study Questions PLEASE RESPONSE THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS IN COMPLETE, DETAILED SENTENCES ON YOUR OWN SHEET OF PAPER. ADD A QUOTE TO ASSISTANCE EACH RESPONSE. Chapter 5 atomies– small particles billets– chunky pieces of wood farthing– little worth of money feigned– pretended garret– attic gloweringly– in a way defined by sullen, angry expressions implacable– unchanging kennel– rain gutter in a street modicum– small amount offal– waste porringer– shallow cup or bowl riumvirate– group of three 1. What do you believe the spilled white wine represents in this story? 2. Find an example of how Charles Dickens uses personification to draw the feelings and compassions of the reader to the suffering of the peasants. 3. Briefly explain the white wine store owner. What does the list below passage from this chapter state about the character of the red wine store owner? “… a man of a strong resolution, and a set function; a guy not desirable to be fulfilled hurrying down a narrow pass with a gulf on either side, for nothing would turn the man. 4. Briefly describe Madame Defarge. What is she finishing with her hands? What does the following passage from this chapter state about her character? “… one might have predicated that she did seldom make mistakes versus herself in any of the numerations over which she administered.” 5. What information about Lucie’s dad’s mindset is exposed to Mr. Truck throughout the go up the 5 flights of stairs to Dr. Manette’s room? 6. Who are the other Jacques, and why does Monsieur Defarge show them Dr.

Manette in his pitiful condition? What is implied about the secret lives of Monsieur and Madame Defarge? Chapter 6: The Shoemaker Vocabulary postilion– individual who flights a coach and guides the rear horse of a set provender– food 1. What is peculiar about the method Dr. Manette listens to the visitors? What is One Hundred and 5, North Tower? 2. How does Dr. Manette act towards Lucie? For whom does he mistake her? What remains in the folded rag around his neck? 3. Check out the following quote.

What do you believe Lucie’s hair represents in the story? “His cold white head mingled with her glowing hair, which warmed and lighted it as though it were the light of Freedom shining on him.” 4. Why is Dr. Manette puzzled when he finally goes down the stairs with his child? 5. Why do you believe Dr. Manette wants his shoemaking tools prior to he will leave the red wine store? 6. What is the hook Dickens uses at the end of this chapter to attract the reader back next week for the new chapter?

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