A Review Of John Steinbeck’s Novel An Analysis Of Misogyny In Of Mice And Men

“Misogyny in Of Mice and Men”

In Misogyny in Of mice and Guy the author Emery talks about how females are portrayed in the book. The roles she speaks about are “that of homogeneous male fraternity not just to repress, however to get rid of females and womanhood” as specified on page 70. What she is saying to me is that the male characters on mice and males are trying to eliminate from the memories or ladies in basic. This is due to the fact that they are males and men and apparently are trying to repress women totally I concur and disagree with this declaration. Well yes Steinbeck does portray females as adversely like Curley’s Other half all she did was tempt guys and destroy dreams. The only females other ladies that are represented well are Auntie Clara who is a motherly figure and the females who owned the bar in the brothel. It never actually hints at how womanhood is bad and it must not exist in their guy group.

On page 71 there was a line that really stuck out to me because I disagree with it “George the masculine developer of this dream gives it voice and premises it in the world”. What this says is that George was the sole creator of a shared dream in between him and Lennie of owning a farm and having bunnies for Lennie to take care of. I do see how he offer it a voice and makes it practical for the both of them he does discuss it to Lennie but he’s not the only one who offers it a voice Lennie gave George his say in the dream farm. They both developed this dream together George was motivated by Lennie to produce this theoretical paradise for the both of them to go for hope to get into or in. They both wish to go to the dream farm yet George understands he can not understand his dream however he can’t

There is another interesting line on page 70 that says “George and Lennie represent the duality masculinity and womanhood, their partnership a kind marriage.” I do not see how this makes much sense George is masculinity and Lennie is femininity where I don’t actually see where this ties in she does tie it in a bit in the sense that yes George is controlling and attempts his best to be a leader. But he did not kill Lennie his closest thing to household for power he eliminated him out of mercy because it was either George kill Lennie himself or have somebody filled with rage kill him. George killed Lennie with love another person would do it out of pity or be influenced by another to do it. For instance Sweet’s dog he himself did not eliminate the canine someone else did out of pity and Sweet regretted it so much. It would be the same with George given that he knew from experience he understood he needed to kill Lennie with love not pity.

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