A Raisin in the Sun – The Character Beneatha

A Raisin in the Sun– The Character Beneatha

Throughout the play, A Raisin in the Sun, the character Beneatha discuss finding her identity. The idea of assimilation ends up being very essential to the Younger family. Neither of the members of the Younger family wished to take in into mainstream America, they simply want to live comfortably.

The Youngers are an African American household living on the south side of Chicago in the 1950s. They were living throughout a period where America was very racist towards blacks. The Younger household was comprised of Mom, the backbone of the household, her daughter Beneatha, her child Walter, his partner Ruth, and his child Travis.They all resided in a little two-bedroom home where they needed to share a bathroom in the hall with their neighbors and Travis slept on the couch. Mother and her household will get a look for $10,000 from the deceased Mr. Younger’s insurance plan. This money seemed like the response to the household’s’ prayers.

Everyone seemed to have big dreams for the cash. Mom wished to purchase a home, Walter wanted to invest the money into a liquor store, and Beneatha wanted to utilize the cash for her medical school tuition.Ruth agreed with Mama’s suitable of purchasing a house and she thought that your home would supply more area and chance for her kid. Mom wished to utilize the insurance coverage money to purchase a home. She finally had the possibility to satisfy the dream that her and Mr. Younger always had. Mother wished to buy a home in a mainly white neighborhood however the white individuals were not delighted at all by this.

They even provided cash in return for staying away. Though of course Mother refused the deal.It didn’t matter to Mom that they were moving into a mainly white neighborhood, she just desired her own house with a garden and a lawn. In the provided quote Mom talks about how the world has altered and how Walter is more thinking about being rich then his true self, “Mom: Oh? So now it’s life. Money is life. Once upon a time flexibility utilized to be life? now it’s money. I guess the world actually do change.

. Walter: No? it was always cash, Mama. We simply didn’t learn about it. Mama: No …

something has actually altered. You something brand-new, boy.In my time we was worried about not being lynched … You ain’t satisfied or pleased with absolutely nothing we done. I suggest that you had a house; that we kept you out of difficulty till you was grown; that you don’t have to ride to work on the back of nobody’s tram? You my children? however how various we done ended up being.

” Walter wished to invest the insurance coverage cash into a liquor store. He thought that the alcohol shop would fix all of their financial problems for great. He wished to immerse into mainstream America; he wanted to live the American Dream.Walter was a chauffer and he wasn’t pleased with his occupation. In the offered quote Walter speak about how he desired a much better life for his child, “Walter: You wouldn’t understand yet, boy, but your daddy’s gon na make a deal …

a service transaction that’s going to alter our lives … That’s how come one day when you? bout seventeen years of ages I’ll get home …

I’ll pull the cars and truck up on the driveway … simply a plain black Chrysler, I think, with white walls? no? black tires … the gardener will be clipping away at the hedges and he’ll say, “Good night, Mr.

Younger.” And I’ll say, “Hi, Jefferson, how are you this evening?” And I’ll go inside and Ruth will come downstairs and satisfy me at the door and we’ll kiss each other and she’ll take my arm and we’ll go up to your space to see you sitting on the flooring with the brochures of all the terrific schools in America around you … All the fantastic schools worldwide! And? and I’ll state, all ideal kid? it’s your seventeenth birthday, what is it you’ve chosen?.

. Simply inform me, what it is you want to be? and you’ll be it … Whatever you wish to be? Yessir!You just name it, son.

. and I hand you the world!” Beneatha wanted to become a medical professional however she didn’t have the cash to spend for her tuition so she wanted to utilize the insurance coverage cash to pay for it. Beneatha was extremely different from the rest of her family; she was not interested in taking in into white culture. Beneatha wanted to discover her true self and go back to Africa to contact her African heritage. She was a really independent woman. She simply wanted to go to college to end up being a physician so that she might live conveniently and be happy.Every member of the Younger household has a separate, specific dream and they each need to struggle to obtain these dreams throughout the play, and much of their joy and anxiety is directly associated to their attainment of, or failure to attain, these dreams.

The idea of assimilation is continuously raised throughout the play. Members of the Younger family wished to enhance their life without submerging into mainstream America. The Younger household would all have to can be found in terms with one another to realize what was truly important so they might conquer their battles together as a household.

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