A Raisin in the Sun Summary

A Raisin in the Sun Summary

Lorraine Hansberry’s A Raisin in the Sun portrays an African American household during the 1950s in dispute over cash. Walter, Benita, and Ruth were the primary characters that showed there greed over Mama’s departed hubby insurance money. This subject ended up being an issue with the Younger household. There were arguments, battles, and individuals ending up being stressed out over something that were not theirs. The greed of money practically tore the Younger household apart.

Each relative’s self-centered desire for making use of the departed father’s insurance coverage money conflicted with the family common good and produced calamitous consequences for the family. The Younger household faced numerous repercussions once the money arrived. Walter was the most self-centered one out of the household. He desired the cash all to himself. Walter had this imagine opening a liquor store. Once mom trusted Walter with the money he went and blew it, which triggered the family to lose all of the cash.

By Walter acting this way over money, he made his self look as if he had an addiction for money, which made him seem greedy for wealth. Benita and Ruth likewise showed greed towards the father’s insurance coverage cash. Benita wished to participate in medical school, get a good paying task and live the American dream, but she was only watching out for herself. As a result of her selfish methods she didn’t get the money that was planned for her to put towards her tuition for school. Ruth on the other hand was identified as being greedy.

She wished to relocate a home that had more rooms than they might pay for, prior to the check came. Although your house would have been comfortable for everyone, she was simply looking at it being a bigger and better place to live. As a conclusion, Lorraine Hansberry’s A Raisin in the Sun represents how selfishness and greed can damage a household. The Younger family had numerous members that could have triggered there family to break down over cash. Walter, Benita, and Ruth all had their own concept on how they wanted to invest the insurance money.

But all of their concepts were self-centered for their own requirements or wants. Money is not the key to happiness. Some novels and plays depict the effects that occur when people pursue their own individual proficient at the expenditure of the typical good of the group or society. Pick such a novel or play, and write a well arranged essay that describes how the interests of a character or group of characters dispute with the typical excellent and produces dire repercussions for another group or society. Avoid plot summary.

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