A Raisin in the Sun Questions Act Three

A Raisin in the Sun Questions Act 3

A Raisin in the Sun Act III concerns– Address the following concerns using complete sentences: 1. When Asagai comes to the home, how does his mood contract with Walter’s and Beneatha’s? He is really favorable and is looking toward the future. Walter and Beneatha appear beat. 2. How has the loss of the money changed Beneatha’s optimism? What does she tell Asagai? What is Asagai’s action? She has actually quit and admits defeat. She tells Asagai there is no hope and everything is over. Asagai is extremely critical of Beneatha’s sensations and informs her if she has dreams and desires a favorable future, she requires to make it herself.

He likewise asks her to go to Africa with him. 3. How does Asagai define idealists and realists? Which group does he choose to be related to? Idealists have dreams and go after them. Realists just see the circle of life and the things that are best in front of them. He would rather be an idealist. 4. What alternative view of the future does Asagai use to put Beneatha’s depression in point of view? Go to Africa with him. 5. Asagai leaves and Walter comes into the living room. How does Beneatha attack Walter? What does Walter do? She assaults him by speaking down about who he is as a male.

Walter neglects her and searches for something in the house. 6. How has Mom’s physical appearance changed? Why does Mother put her plant back on the windowsill? She is depressed and appears defeated. Mother puts her plant in the window since she feels as if she is going no place. 7. Who does Mom blame for the existing circumstance, and how does she plan to deal with it? She blames herself for this due to the fact that individuals have always accused her of dreaming too huge. 8. Up until now, Ruth has been the useful one. How does she respond to Mama’s new attitude? She tries to lift Lena’s spirits.

She doesn’t know what to think or how to really deal with Mother’s brand-new attitude. 9. When Walter arrives back home, what does he say he has done? What does he prepare to do? He has called Mr. Lindner, and the family is going to take the money that was provided to them. 10. Describe Walter’s new view of life as being divided between the “takers” and the “tooken.” He feels that life is full of takers and tooken. His family has been, he feels, has actually constantly been “tooken” From this point forward, they are going to be “takers.” 11. What does Mother imply when she informs Walter that if he takes Lindner’s cash he will have nothing left inside?

He will loose his self-respect and pride of he takes the cash. 12. Beneatha says Walter is no brother of hers. What lesson does Mother need to advise Beneatha about? Mother tells her she has no right to feel that method or state that about her brother. No matter what has happened, she has always taught Beneatha to enjoy. 13. When Lindner shows up, why does Mama firmly insist that Travis remain in the room? She desires him to learn from his father 14. What does Walter tell Lindner? Why? He talks with him about his father and how he worked all his life for others.

He continues to inform Lindner that his household is not going to take his money since his father made the house for the family. 15. Why does Lindner choose to attract Mother? What is her response? He interest her because he says she is older and wiser. He feels that she will flex to the demands of the area. 16. What is the importance of having Mama return to the empty apartment to grab her plant? That plant represents her dreams and the spirit of her family. Wherever she goes and the household goes, so does the plant. She isn’t one to abandon her household or her dreams.

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