A Raisin in the Sun: Poem of Insecurities Essay

The dreams of the characters in the Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry showed the theme of Langston Hughes poem. Lena, Walter, Ruth, and Beneatha all lived under the very same roof, however their aspirations were all various. Being the head of the home, Lena simply wanted her children to live the lives they pictured on their own. Walter’s dream was to invest his mom’s cash in a liquor shop and to produce a much better life for his child Travis.

Beneatha in the other hand wants to utilize her mother’s cash to end up being a doctor when she got out of college and Ruth wishes to be rich. A Raisin in the Sun was a book about “dreams delayed” and in this book Loraine Hansberry fluently described the dreams of the Younger Household and how their dreams became a destructive weapon on their household.

Lena Younger, Walter and Beneatha’s mother was a widow who committed her life to her children after her partner died.

When she retired she was waiting on her spouse’s insurance money to show up. With the 10 thousand dollars in her hand, Lena chose to purchase a 3500 dollar home at Clybourne Park and she was likewise going to put some deposit for Beneatha so she could go to medical school. Those were her dreams, they were so simple and common and likewise beautiful. She expected everybody to be pleased and shocked of the important things she had done with the check and undoubtedly they were, other than for Walter.

While Lena got her pie in the sky, Walter was distressed his mom had actually spent the insurance coverage money on the home and thought it wasn’t fair that Beneatha got a few of it for her medical school while he got absolutely nothing for his liquor shop organisation. Walter always discussed his dream thoroughly to his family and talked about how it would make their lives various, but Lena, who always desired her child to be happy, trustingly gave the rest of the insurance money to Walter. Holding the cash in his hands, Walter thanked his mother and appreciated the trust she had in him. Walter then gave the cash to his pals so that they might get him the alcohol license without understanding that they betrayed him.

This is how a dream can end up being harmful for others. As his dream fell apart into pieces, he started to regret that he didn’t listen to his mom, spouse, and sibling. He not just damaged Beneatha and his dream but Ruth’s too. Ruth was pregnant throughout his minute in misery and forgave and encouraged him to begin whatever over. Ruth, whose dream was to be wealthy and to have a fine family, calmly accepted the reality that her dream was just a dream. To her, it was a consolation that her husband had come back to truth after his unsuccessful dream. It is not vital to keep a dream alive, reason is due to the fact that if you don’t achieve your reverie you’ll invest your whole life complaining about it. Ruth was not ready to do that, she drew it up and forgave Walter.

Beneatha was distressed to hear that Walter didn’t put anything in the bank for her medical school. Sad and depressed that the reality ended up in a different way from her dream, Beneatha gave up hope of becoming a physician. Thankfully, her friend Asagai kept her dream alive and persuaded her that there was still hope and ream on the planet and that she should ignore the money since if her father did not pass away then she would have never gotten the opportunity. So Beneatha went with Asagai to his homeland, Nigeria, to practice her medical career.

Conclusively, the household forgot their despair and transferred to the brand-new house for a brand-new life. Although they knew it was difficult to start everything over, however for them, it was as if their lives had actually just begun. Lorraine Hansberry had effectively illustrated the 4 primary characters in the story as humans with desires, dreams, aspirations, dispute, foibles, and strength. And it was “A Raisin in the Sun” that revealed those dreams and desires and how they wound up as “dreams deferred.”

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