A Raisin in the Sun: Food and Affections

A Raisin in the Sun: Food and Affections

Oksana Ibragimova English 201-085 Teacher Chancellor March. 25, 2011 Food and Affections Lorraine Hansberry’s best known play, A Raisin in the Sun, speaks about hardship in the Southside of Chicago and focuses on African American family and their imagine a much better life. I believe that food is a sufficient methods of showing and receiving love. The very first reason is the mother cares in the household by making certain the household consumes. This associates with how the mother in basic is feeding the child in its early life to take care of the individual.

My 2nd reason that food suffices methods of revealing and getting love is when the family is getting and accepting the mother’s food. This also associates with natural instinct, because while the mom is breast feeding the child, the father understands and accepts of revealing the infant’s love. The 3rd factor, the method the person feeds a clingy stranger with some food. Some of us outside or inside are doing this for humankind by showing love. In addition, I believe that food is an adequate means of showing and receiving love. The first factor is how the mom takes care of the household by ensuring the family eats.

This is called a natural impulse; the mom feeds her infant in its early life. An example from A Raisin in the Sun, when Ruth, a character who played as a better half; programs like to her spouse by giving him tasty breakfast. To prove this declaration, Ruth says to Walter “Eat your eggs, Walter” (34 ). This shows how Ruth is taking care of Walter by feeding him with food to make him pleased instead of him stressing out. Ruth tries to soothe her partner Walter, when he’s not in a good state of mind and she tries to change the topic. Another example from the film called Soul Food, director and author is by George Tillman Jr. highlights how the family commemorates together for 40 years around a Sunday supper of Soul Food. It’s generally the household tradition that’s gives from generation to generation. Every Sunday Supper, Matriarch Mama Joe, the granny cooks something that makes the family glad. For instance, during the holiday of Thanksgiving on a Sunday night, the grandmother prepared an extremely tasty chicken and Turkey for the holiday. She did all this to show how much she cares and enjoys the household by making sure the household consumes and ends up being fool for the meal.

This proves how she is happy for the household by making food for the family to make them deceive and take pleasure in the meal that the grandmother did. To continue, the last example from my own experience on how the mom cares in the family is by making food for the kids and mainly for the husband. My mother would constantly feed the kids and other relatives in the household than herself. Basically, she cares about besides herself, since that’s how much she likes us by feeding the household food. When I was a child, my mother was breast feeding me and I was receiving it however didn’t understand this was for love and caring.

However my dad existed with us and comprehends this for my mommy, so he takes the acceptations for love. This shows that food is an adequate means of showing and getting. Furthermore, my second factor that food is an appropriate means of revealing and receiving love due to the fact that the family is getting love and accepting mom’s food by comprehending the individual and love. An example from A Raisin in the Sun is when Ruth is fretted that her boy, Travis would be late for school and she attempts to feed him breakfast to prepare yourself for class.

Ruth states to Travis “Sit down and have you breakfast Travis” (p. g. 28). This demonstrates how Ruth cares about her kid and is absolutely accepting and receiving her love since he sees how his mom works so difficult and returns his love to her by doing the same to others. Many people outside and inside the town states “If you assist others, they’ll help you back.” Nevertheless, another idea from the work of literature, Like Water for Chocolate, by Laura Esquivel talks about Tita’s life and understanding of the world focuses on the cooking area and preparing food.

This informs the reader, the family is getting love from the cake that Tita produces the event of her sister’s marriage. Tita grips the roses that Pedro, who is another character in the play provides her, securely that she bleeds on them and then uses the petals to prepare a dish. This is magical realism, a literary aspect that shows this play to be practical in love and food. The meaning in the Webster Dictionary of magical realism is: the painting in a meticulously reasonable style of fictional or fantastic scenes or images.

The household in the play is getting the love and accepting the child of Tita’s Mommy. This demonstrates likewise on how Tita prepares the dish which everyone is accepting her food by falling include with another individual by the cake that was made. The 3rd example from my own experience on how to receive and accept the mother’s food is when my own mom cooks food for the household and primarily for my papa. This shows how my mom is a caring person and later she gets back her love by sharing the food and enjoying our meal together as a household.

This proves the thesis on how the food suffices means of revealing and getting love. However, my last factor of revealing and accepting the love of a regular mom’s food is when few people outside the streets or inside the town feed other complete stranger food. They are doing this for humankind to show love. So an example from A Raisin in the Sun by Lorrain Hansberry, Mom gives Asagai, a stranger; food to serve him something to consume or consume. To discuss this in detail, Mother says to Asagai “I wager you do not half care for yourself being far from your Mother either.

I spec you much better come round here from time and time to get yourself some good home prepared meals … “(pg 65). This proves how the mother in the play, is serving food for the boy she doesn’t know. Second example from a work of literature is Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton sacrifices what they wanted however got something else. One reason is he spent his time in an anxiety town to care for his mother and his daddy by sending them food to consume and now his other half. He had to take care of the other half by serving her food to get to know what was wrong with her since she didn’t eat anything.

She accepts his love and showing look after her. He remained in Star field to help his ill moms and dads instead of following his imagine transferring to another town to study and work as an engineer. The household remained in poverty. Ethan was the only one who gave food to some individuals in the town. This indicates Ethan was a brave male and never ever quit. This also demonstrates how Ethan Frome was revealing complete strangers love and taking care of each other even though he looked old to me. The third example from my own experience was when I provided money to a stranger in the train to buy himself something to consume or drink.

I felt bad for the individual since he was on a wheelchair, so I provided him a $5 dollar costs. This shows I how I’m sharing my food and cash with others and they are accepting it. There is usage on food due to the fact that everybody purchases food and utilize the cash to buy it. This proves the thesis to be true because food suffices means of showing and getting love. In conclusion, I believe that food is an adequate methods of showing and getting love because first factor is our natural impulse.

Mom breast feed us and we accept her love and get it back by revealing her the exact same love she offered us. The second factor is how the dad returns his love to my mom by understanding how she was breast feeding me and giving her food to eat instead of the mom doing whatever. Lastly, in some cases people offer strangers cash to buy themselves food to eat. I recommend anybody who likes to understand more about showing and getting love by feeding the individual food or anything, read my essay or a play from A Raisin in the Sun or Like Water for Chocolate.

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