A Raisin in the Sun Essay

A Raisin in the Sun is a story of the Younger Family dealing with racial problems in Chicago run-down neighborhoods. 10 thousand dollars gets here in the mail and Lena has to choose what to do with it. Bennie wants it for tuition cash, Walter desires it for deposit for the liqueur shop and Ruth simply desires everyone to be happy. So there is 3 major occasions taking place: (1) Lena chooses to buy a home in a white community, (2) Lena entrusts the remainder of the cash to Walter telling him to conserve a good quantity for Beneatha’s education and (3 )Walter loses all the cash in the liquor shop fraud.

In all these dilemmas Lena has a plant that she talks and takes care of it through out the story. Mama’s plant represents wish for the future. In act one scene one Mom says” Lord, if this little old plant don’t get more sun than it’s been getting it ain’t never ever visiting spring once again.( Hansberry, 40)” In the start that the plants requires sun due to the fact that its in a room with a little window and Mom worries that it will not spring so it shows that even thought it does not have sufficient sun and it is still enduring so it wishes to holding because it knows it will remain in a much better location and end up being more powerful in the future. In act one scene one Mama says “They spirited all right, my kids. Got to admit they got spirit- Bennie and Walter. Like this little old plant that ain’t never had enough sunshine or absolutely nothing– and look at it …(Hansberry,52)” Mom Understands that Bennie and Walter are strong and do not just give up like that plant which reveals expect the future for both them to claim that soil which home even thought it has bigotry they can survive it like the plant without the sun. Underneath: “Mama, what are you doing?” Mama:” Fixing my plant so it will not get harmed none on the way …” Beneatha: Mama, you going to take that to the new home?(Hansberry,121)” Mama: “un-huh-” Beneatha:” that raggedy-looking old thing?” Mother: It EXPRESSES ME!” Even thought Beneath tells Mom how the plant is old and worthless she understands that expresses her. Mama’s plant does not symbolizes anything due to the fact that all she talks about is getting the garden given that all she has is one plant so she says the houses in her community have their garden. “well, I always desired me a garden like I utilized to see in some cases at the back of your homes down home. This plant is close as I ever got to having one.(Hansberry,53)” Lena simply wanted to have a garden since she might not have one when she was little because she was a servant. So that plant is the closest thing she ever had to a garden. Although some may have the ability to argue that Mom’s plant does not symbolizes anything because she only wants a garden with her home. She wants a garden which plant is the only thing she can have however it does indicate the plant represents hope due to the fact that she treats the plant like among her children she nurtures it and wants to take it to a brand-new home to live. Mama’s plant is wish for the future because it grew or endured not having a lot of light through that little window in the home just like the household went through bigotry.

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