A raisin in the sun coursework Essay

In this essay I am going to analyse how Lorraine Hansberry presents the improvement of Walter in the play ‘A raisin in the sun’. The pages I’m going to concentrate on are pages 1787 and 1788.

A raisin in the sun represents a couple of weeks in the life of the Youngers, an African-American family living on the South Side of Chicago in the 1950s. When the play opens, the Youngers will receive an insurance check for $10,000. This money originates from the departed Mr.

Younger’s life insurance policy. Each of the adult family members has an idea regarding what he or she would like to make with this cash. The matriarch of the household, Mom, wishes to buy a home to satisfy a dream she shared with her partner.

Mother’s son, Walter Lee, would rather use the money to buy an alcohol shop with his pals. He believes that the investment will resolve the household’s monetary issues forever.

Walter’s wife, Ruth, concurs with Mother, however, and hopes that she and Walter can provide more space and opportunity for their child, Travis. Finally, Beneatha, Walter’s sister and Mother’s child, wants to use the cash for her medical school tuition. She likewise wants that her family members were not so thinking about signing up with the white world. Beneatha rather searches for her identity by looking back to the past and to Africa.

In the future in the play, the Youngers battle over their completing dreams. Ruth discovers that she is pregnant and starts to fret about the monetary problems that might occur if she keeps it. Mother puts $3,500 down payment on a home and offers $6,500 to Walter from which he has to provide Beneatha some for her medical school tuition. Walter on the other hand doesn’t give Beneatha her share of her money, rather offers it to Willy his friend who runs away with it. Your home remains in Clybourne Park, an entirely white neighbourhood. When the Youngers’ future neighbours find out that the Youngers are moving in, they send Mr Lindner, from the Clybourne Park Improvement Association, to provide the Youngers cash in return for staying away. The Youngers decline the offer.

In the meantime, Beneatha declines her suitor, George Murchison, whom she thinks to be shallow and an assimulationist. Consequently, she gets a marriage proposal from her Nigerian partner, Joseph Assegai, who wants Beneatha to get a medical degree and transfer to Africa with him. The Youngers ultimately vacate the apartment or condo, fulfilling the household’s long-held dream. Their future appears unpredictable and slightly dangerous, however they are optimistic and figured out to live a much better life. They believe that they can succeed if they stick together as a family and deal with to postpone their dreams no longer.

Numerous phase directions are used to show Walter’s sensations for instance, when Ruth notifies Walter that Mr Lindner is here ‘a long minute passes and Walter slowly gets up’ from his space. This reveals that Walter is not eager to satisfy Mr Lindner so he takes his time.

When Walter ‘slowly and awkwardly’ leaves of his room ‘passing the back of his sleeve throughout his mouth from time to time’ makes him appear as if he is a small chid who is careless and uncomfortable. This is how he acts throughout the play and shows the childish side of him.

When Walter ‘looks down at his young boys eyes’ he understands that Travis is the 6th generation in his household to live in America and ought to look to set an example for future generations.

While Walter speak to Mr Lindner ‘he looks around and shifts from one foot to the other’ and makes brief pauses in his speech showing that he is uncertain and scared about speaking out aloud in front of his family. He attempts to understand across that they are ‘extremely plain individuals’. Walter once again averts from Mr Lindner and ‘down at his shoes’ and then back up at him. This shows that he can’t maintain eye contact with Mr Lindner. This makes Walter feel shy because he is speaking with someone who is greater classified and who he feels is superior to him. He once again attempts to get the point throughout that they appear individuals by informing Mr Lindner their existing scenario such as how he has been ‘a chauffer’ the majority of his life and how Ruth is a domestic worker in people’s kitchens.

All this puzzles Mr Lindner as he doesn’t know what Walter is attempting to get across instead he listens to him and see what he has got to state. Walter now begins to inform Mr Lindner how his daddy ‘almost beat a guy to death when due to the fact that this guy called him a bad name or something’. Walter asks Mr Lindner if he knows what he is speaking about, he responds ‘no, I’m afraid I do not’ this makes Walter feel as if he is the only one that comprehends what it seems like so he gets self-confidence in himself and cleans. Walter attempts to get another point across by saying that he originated from individuals who had a great deal of pride and now they don’t have the exact same pride.

Walter attempts to construct out that they are still extremely happy and how his sibling is going to be a doctor. Walter opposes himself as in the beginning when he was arguing with Beneatha he mentioned that being a medical professional is more of a males’ function and she would not have the ability to become one. Walter now starts to cry while dealing with Mr Lindner ‘eye to eye’ this makes Walter feel bad about what he has made with the cash. Walter now decided to inform Mr Lindner that they are moving into your house because his dad had actually ‘earned it’.

This shows that Walter has actually recognised his obligation and best interest for his family at heart. Walter’s character has evolved from a child into manhood making him a hero of the household. Walter now has all the confidence to look Mr Lindner ‘definitely in the eyes’ and tell him ‘we do not want your money’. Walter ends up with a very certain declaration. Doing this makes Mr Lindner feel as he is a blockage and so should leave. The household are all excited about the sensible choice Walter has actually made.

The audience feel that in the beginning of the play Walter is selfish and cash starving due to the fact that he doesn’t listen to any member of his family and only thinks about attempting to get rich rapidly. In the end Walter had actually realised what a fool he had sought losing the money his mother had actually trusted him with. Now he needs to listen to his households requirements and do what he believes is right. By making the wise decision of moving into your house he makes the audience feel as if he has actually become a real male and a hero to his household. Walter is practically a beginner now which individuals like more than what he was before.

The character of Mr. Lindner makes the style of racial discrimination prominent in the plot as a problem that the Youngers can not avoid. The governing body of the Youngers’ brand-new area, the Clybourne Park Enhancement Association, sends Mr. Lindner to persuade them not to move into the all-white area. Mr. Lindner and individuals he represents can just see the colour of the Younger household’s skin, and his deal to pay off the Youngers to keep them from moving threatens to tear apart the Younger household and the values for which it stands. Eventually, the Youngers react to this discrimination with defiance and strength. The play powerfully demonstrates that the method to deal with discrimination is to stand up to it and reassert one’s self-respect in the face of it rather than allow it to pass untreated.

In my viewpoint I think Walter is like any other American- African in that time. He thinks that money is the only thing he requires to solve all his issues but little does he know that he needs to listen to his family and not simply himself. I likewise believe that all the male roles such as Willy and his good friends are bad impacts on Walter as they persuaded him to provide his cash which they ran off with. However the female functions such as mother and Ruth were a good impact as they all stuck even when Walter was against them and helped Walter to see what he is discarding.

Lorraine Hansberry is attempting to state that Black people in the 1950s experienced a life of discrimination in one method or another. They got here today by having defiance and strength in themselves. Even though they were not dealt with as equals by some white individuals, however they made a stand which gave them self-respect and the power to be dealt with as equals. Though black individuals try to suit a white neighbourhood they must still remember their roots and how they got here.

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