A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry

A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry

Dreams and objectives are a big part of every day life.

People require dreams and goals to make it through. In A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry, the characters all have different dreams and objectives that they’re trying to accomplish. Without dreams and objectives individuals choose what they have and don’t strive for anything higher. In the beginning of A Raisin in the Sun Walter Lee is attempting to encourage his family that his dream to buy an alcohol shop will assist them in the long run. In act 1 scene 1 Walter and Ruth are talking about how they’re tired of whatever, sick of living in their “batter hole of a home” (Hansberry 32). Walter states that all he desires is to buy a liquor store with a couple of his pals and every thing will be different, “I got me a dream, I got to alter my life” (Hansberry 33). Throughout the play Walter’s household tries telling him that the alcohol shop is a waste of time and money, however he continues thinking that some day his dream will come to life.

Walter finally has a chance to have his dream and goal come to life but the only thing is he has to use the cash from his dad’s death and he’s running the risk of other people’s dreams and goals in the process.Dreams and goals are implied to take place to those people who strive and pursue what they want. Walter is a best example of an individual not wanting to work towards their dreams or goals; he desires the simple way out. They want it offered to them on a silver platter without any work at all. Beneatha had a dream to become a medical professional; she wishes to be able to cure the sick. Walter Lee is constantly pestering her since of her dream to be a doctor. “Who the hell told you had to be a medical professional If you so insane bout messing round with ill people-then go be a nurse like other ladies- or simply get married and be quiet.

Beneatha never let any words of disencouragement get in her method of achieving her dreams and goals. She was going to school and not taking it for approved. She was working hard at attaining her dream of ending up being a doctor. Beneatha never expected for mother to spend for her education, she never asked for the money it was provided to her. When Walter Lee lost all the families money she believed that her dreams and objectives were gone. The reader can tell that she wishes to continue to aim to accomplish her long lived dream.Beneatha is a fine example of someone knowing what they want in live and doing any thing to achieve it, understand matter if people tell you its difficult or it’s out of their league.

Lena Younger and Ruth Younger both had the same dreams and objectives. They wished to own a huge home, and have a backyard that Travis could play in. “Been thinking that we perhaps could meet the notes on a little old two-story somewhere, with a lawn where Travis might play in the summer.” (Hansberry 44). Lena younger was prepared to do anything it took for her and her household to move, “I might perhaps take on a little day work once again, few days a week” (Hansberry 44). Besides the imagine owning a house Lena desired a little garden for herself. When each discovered what Walter Lee made with the money Lena was ready to give up, however Ruth said “Lena- I’ll work I’ll work twenty hours a day in all the kitchens in Chicago I’ll strap my infant on my back if I need to and scrub all the floors in America and wash all the sheets in America if I need to- but we got to move! We got to leave Here!!” (Hansberry 140).

Ruth knew what she desired and wasn’t going to quit, even if all chances protested it.With Ruth sticking to her dream Lena lastly understood that this brand-new home was indicated to occur. Lena and Ruth having this dream kept them going every day, knowing that the more difficult they worked the quicker their lives would be perfect, they could have every thing they ever imagined. Dreams and goals are things that a person is supposed to work for; they’re not supposed to be given away. People need to be able to stick with your dreams or goals through out life. By Ruth, Walter Lee, Lena, and Beneatha having their own dreams it kept them striving for greater things and not going for what they had.

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