A Raisin in the Sun and Harlem

A Raisin in the Sun and Harlem

When one thinks about dreams, 2 things might enter mind. The first is the literal significance of a dream which is the type of dream individuals have when they go into Rapid Eye Movement. The second is the type of dream that Langston Hughes was describing: dreams that people have which regard what they want their lives. It’s the kind of dream that appears unobtainable, yet is so enticing that a person will stop at absolutely nothing to make it a reality. Without this kind of dream, life would be stagnant; and for lots of, helpless.

A Raisin in the Sun” is a best example of the dreams of a typical lower class family. The play reveals the struggles that the Younger family goes through as they each try and meet their individual dreams. The play opens by stating that the family was waiting on an insurance coverage check coming to them as an outcome of the death of the father of the household. Walter wants absolutely nothing more to be rich and effective. When the play starts we see he wishes to invest all the insurance money into an alcohol store. Beneatha wants absolutely nothing more than to go to school and end up being a physician.

Ruth wants to use the money to assist spend for her questionable abortion. Lastly, the only thing Mama wants is to move the whole family into a brand-new house so that everyone advantages instead of simply a single person. The only issue with that, is Walter’s business partner Willy ran away with a large piece of the money. This chain of events is what links “A Raisin in the Sun” to “Harlem.” In “Harlem,” Hughes asks “What occurs to a dream postponed?” (Hughes). Something delayed is something postpone or delayed.

At the end of the play, we do not really understand what occurs to the younger family. Harlem” asks the reader what takes place to a delayed dream. He then goes on to describe all of nasty things he believes could happen, he ask “Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun?” (Hughes). Completion of the play leaves a lot of things unanswered as far as what occurs to the Younger household after they move into the white area. You do not know if they end up being accepted and being happy, or as the poem “Harlem” states “fester like a sore and after that run” (Hughes). As I said in the past, dreams are what makes the world go round.

When you delayed a dream it is like stopping the world. It is stopping what might have been or should have been in the life of the dreamer. No matter how hard or unobtainable a dream might seem to be, you can never ever quit. When you quit or believe you can wait up until later on to accomplish your dream, you are actually short altering yourself because the possibilities are unlimited on what could occur. Lorraine Hansberry and Langston Hughes both prove within their works that dreams are extremely essential to individuals, and without any dreams there is absolutely nothing.

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