A Raisin in the Sun: The Illuminating Occurrence of the Play

A Raisin In The Sun Analysis

!.?.!? A Raisin In The Sun Analysis Paper The play, “A Raisin In The Sun” by Lorraine Hansberry, is really distinct in that it focuses upon lots of central themes. These styles are clearly shown throughout the play, and affect the significance of the work as a whole. Among these primary themes is the importance of household. This is among the bottom lines revealed throughout the play and is absolutely connected to an illuminating occurrence, where the significance is shown greatest at a specific minute of the play.

The illuminating occurrence of the play is the minute when Walter understands that the family’s dream to own a home is more vital than his own dream, and that he is to defend his family, instead of let them deal with racism alone. This moment in the play functions as a frame, or a casement, to the meaning of the work as a whole, which is the importance of household. The moment when this illuminating event takes place is when Mr. Linder comes to the Younger home for his 2nd visit.

At this point in the play it is already shown that the Younger household is not wanted in Clybourne Park, due to their skin color. Despite having already bought a house there, the Youngers are informed that they would be paid not to move there. Mr. Linder comes for his 2nd see after Walter states that he is going to accept this bribe, due to his whole dream being crushed. Nevertheless, when Mr. Linder gets here, things go differently.

This is where the main illuminating incident takes place, and it provides a window to the significance of the work as a whole; the importance of what the household stands for as an unit. Although his specific dream had been ruined, Walter recognizes the value of his family’s dream to own a home is higher. When Mr. Linder shows up, Walter does decline the kickback and states that he and his household will be moving to Clybourne Park. The factor that this minute in the play is an illuminating incident is due to the fact that it straight shows the overall meaning of the play.

Walter shows this through his actions throughout this moment in the play. Regardless of all the mayhem that the money the Youngers got had triggered, Walter finally comprehends that supporting the household’s dream would benefit most at the time. This means that this moment is a direct frame to the inner meaning of the scenario and the inner significance of what a family is. Not only does this program what a household is, but also what a household isn’t. Up until this point in time, the household had actually been somewhat dysfunctional.

Because most of the household had been concentrated on themselves, the Youngers had a hard time to be happy as a family, and could just try to do so individually at the time. This moment reveals that family is a group of individuals that depend on one another, rather than their private selves. It is shown how essential household is throughout the play due to the fact that it is made apparent what can occur when one family member relies on something else more than the household itself. This is why this moment is an illuminating incident; the inner meaning of this situation finally links to the meaning of the work as a whole.

This minute in the play works as a sash to the meaning of the work, which is the importance of household. After this connection in between the inner significances of the circumstance to the main point of the play has been made evident, one realizes the point of the work. This is exactly what the illuminating incident does. It is what triggers the work to come to a complete circle. Due to this, it enables the reader to connect to the operate in any way that he or she selects. This is what makes reading what it is, a course to relativity.

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