A Raisin in the Sun, Act Two, Scene 3

A Raisin in the Sun, Act 2, Scene 3

!.?. !? Act Two, Scene 3: At this point in the play, Ruth and Bennie are evacuating their belongings to get ready to move to their new home. Ruth informs Bennie about how things have actually gotten better between her and Walter as well as how they went out to the movies the previous night and held hands, which they haven’t done in a while. At that minute, Walter goes into the room, turns a record on, grabs Ruth by the arm, and begins to happily dance with her. The two dance and have a wonderful with when the doorbell called. Bennie goes to address the door because Walter and Ruth were busy dancing.

As soon as the door was opened, Bennie observed a white man in a dress suit at the foot of the door asking if Mom existed. Bennie responds “no” to the guy and Walter invites the male (now introduced as Karl Linder) in to have a seat to discuss the financial matters of your house Mom had actually purchased. Linder tells Walter that individuals residing in the very same neighborhood as they want to, are disturbed with a colored family moving in and would like to keep it a white facility. They like things the way they are now and provide Walter the choice of selling them their new house for more than the rate they had actually spent for it.

Walter ends up being upset at this, and informs the guy to leave his house. Linder leaves and soon later on, Mom goes into the room and asked who checked out. Walter informed her what had actually taken place and she had not appeared to be troubled at all. Walter then tells Mama to open a present that he, Ruth, and Bennie had gotten her, so she does. Mother was exceptionally shocked to open a present of gardening tools to use at their new house. Travis then offers Mom a present that he had gotten her which was a gardening hat that she loved. At that time, a little guy rings the doorbell and occurred to be a friend of Walter’s.

The guy goes into your house, takes a seat, and informs Walter that their company partner was supposed to meet him today to go over plans for their new business, but never showed; indicating that the guy had run off with all of their money. Stricken by this, Walter beings to break down since the only cash he had actually ever had, he put in the hands of a guy who he thought was loyal to help him with his household. He was likewise distressed by this because he had actually disobeyed his mother’s wishes of putting a portion of the money away for Bennie’s schooling, and the rest in a checking account for the future.

Upset as his son, Mother begins to beat Walter for what he had actually done. Act Three: In the final act of the play, Bennie’s pal Asagai goes to the Young home to help the household with their packaging. Asagai welcomes her and asks how she’s sensation along with how school is going. Still disturbed from the news she simply heard about Walter all of her households cash, Bennie tells Asagai that she may not end up being a physician any longer since she can’t cure people anymore. Surprised by this, Asagai talks to Bennie about Africa, and how she might go to Nigeria with him and learn to be a physician there.

Bennie ends up being overwhelmed with all of the events that had taken place in one day, so Asagai leaves to offer her some time to think about things. Once Asagai had actually left, Walter got in the room Bennie remained in, and Bennie started yelling at Walter about what he had actually done to lose the money. Walter seemed to ignore his sister and soon left the house too. Ruth and Mom then got in the space and began speaking about how they all must accept what had happened, let it go, and proceed.

Mom discuss how they need to not move to the new house and get the money back that they paid for it so they could perhaps spruce up the coop they had been residing in for some time now. Ruth becomes upset at this, believing that they need to go to their brand-new house no matter what had happened in order to begin over. Walter then goes back to your house and informs his household that he is going to sell the freshly purchased house back to Karl Linder so they can still have a decent quantity of cash to live.

Mom is all for the concept until she learns that Walter would be purchasing your home simply so they could be out of the white folk’s way. When Karl Linder shows up at their house to final the deal, Walter tells Linder that he is going to keep the house for his household and he will have to deal with their family living there. Linder says great to what Walter had to say, and leaves. Pleased with what the choice had actually been, Ruth, Mother, Bennie, Travis, and Walter get all of their packed up possessions and move them to the moving truck to begin over in their brand-new home.

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