A Raisin in the Sun – a Study of Walter Younger

A Raisin in the Sun– a Study of Walter Younger

“A Raisin in the Sun”; A Study of Walter Younger “The greatest discovery of all time is that an individual can alter his future by simply changing his mindset”– Oprah Winfery. In the movie “A Raisin in the Sun” by Lorraine Hansberry, Walter Lee Younger exposes the following three dominant traits that make him a complex character 1) industrious, 2) greedy, and 3) chauvinistic. Walter displays numerous dominant traits throughout the motion picture. In my opinion, those there protrude one of the most. The first dominant quality I noticed in Walter is how industrious he is.

For example, in the movie Walter is constantly dreaming about his next huge thing. For the time being, he wanted to invest in a liquor shop. “I want many things that they are driving me insane.” he says. Being a dreamer is excellent. It reveals me that he has goals and aspirations in life. When I was little I had a laundry list of things I wished to do/be. It varied from being a popular vocalist, to meeting Oprah, to running my own house client care. Another example of Walter being industrious is when he states, “I feel that there are much better things in life for me.

I open and close doors all day long, I drive around in a limo and state ‘Yes, Sir; No, Sir; Excellent Sir; Shall I take the drive Sir,’ I feel this ain’t no type of job for me.” Important people all around me constantly inform me that if I get up every early morning and fear my job then I require to quit. Walter dreads his job, he hates going to it. He sees that there are better things than driving a limo throughout the day. Even though he has a consistent task with a steady earnings, he isn’t delighted. He’s more than prepared to proceed with his life and make some like changing choices.

These examples show that a person of Walter Younger’s dominant characteristics is that he is industrious. Secondly, Walter Younger shows that he is greedy. He portrays his greediness all throughout the motion picture. The very first instance of the greed is the Saturday when the check comes in. He gets back in the middle of his work day, doesn’t greet anybody in your home, and right away asks if the check came. In his mind the money is already invested. The check isn’t even his and he wants his hands on it. It shows how he is cash starving. Then he specifies how cash is life. To him money is everything. Without money you have nothing.

I think this demonstrates how narrow minded he is. He is generally thinking that he can’t more than happy, can’t support his household, and can’t live without it. Another instance is when he storms out of the house and goes to the bar. Walter sits at the bar and drinks into an oblivion. He doesn’t show up for work, he simply roams the streets all day. His mother lastly discovered him and spoke to him. She provided him the cash she had left and asked him put some in a bank for his sister’s school and the rest in another savings account for himself to do as he pleases. He ended up returning to his cash starving methods and utilized all the cash.

Walter sent out all the cash without reservation. That shows me that he isn’t a trustworthy man. It likewise shows me how much he appreciates himself. In some cases being greedy is a good idea. In Walter’s case, it’s not a good thing for him to be so greedy. The 3rd and last dominant trait that I have actually seen in Walter Young is him being chauvinistic. Webster’s dictionary defines a chauvinistic individual as having “a mindset of supremacy towards members of the opposite sex.” In the film he states to his sister Benetha, “Who in the hell informed you had to be a doctor?

You’re so interested in ill people, go be a nurse, like other ladies.” In a nutshell, he told his sister that females aren’t doctors, they are nurses. In my viewpoint, he utilizes various chances to belittle the women around him. He likewise does it to his other half. His other half wakes him up in the early morning so that he can get ready for work. As he is getting up, she asks him how he would like his eggs. Walter then replies that he doesn’t want them rushed. He states it in a way that she doesn’t know how to cook. To me I seemed like he was tired of the exact same thing day in and day out. To his better half he states, “Who’s combating you?

Who even appreciates you?” No guy should state that to their wife. He stated it to her without any doubt at all. It may have run out anger, however he shouldn’t have said it to her. It showed how he didn’t truly care to harm her feelings. These examples showed Walter Younger’s chauvinistic methods. Oprah Winfery’s quote about a person changing their future by altering their mindset connects to Walter Younger. He has 3 dominant traits that stuck out to me; 1) industrious, 2) greedy, and 3) chauvinistic. My examples have actually shown how each quality has been a dominant one.

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