The American Dream: A Raisin in the Sun

A Raisin in the Sun

A Raisin in the Sun The American Dream; is it the exact same for everyone? Lorraine Hansberry reveals us the American Dream suggests different things to various individuals, nevertheless, in the end; all anyone ever actually desires is joy, no matter what that implies to them. The characters in this play have hopes, dreams and aspirations, making every effort toward their own objectives yet coming to the very same place and defend each other. The American dream is numerous things to numerous individuals.

It is all based on the culture we come from, financial background of our families, social standings in society. Joy is just one part of the American Dream. Mama desired her kids to be pleased, Walter believed that having money and owning his own company would make him delighted, Ruth wanted to make everybody pleased and Beneatha had lots of ideas of happiness. For this family, coming from a poor black neighborhood, what they all really wanted was to be able to live someplace with space for everybody in the family, to have a little bit of cash and not struggle.

How they each set about it was very different. The central conflict of the play depends on Walter’s idea of this American dream. Walter buys into the middle-class beliefs of materialism. “Charlie Atkins desired me to enter into the dry-cleaning business with him, now he is making A hundred thousand dollars a year. (1297) Walter wanting to be a company owner really clouded his judgment of what was right for the entire household, owning something was what would make him happy, just look at Charlie Atkins.

Cash would make Walter pleased, till losing it made him more dissatisfied then before he actually had it. Petrakian 2 Having dreams is what everyone in the Younger household lives for. They all desire a sporting chance at success and social acceptance. Each member of the family is self-centered in their ideas on how to invest money that isn’t even theirs, each having prepare for what will take place to it. The American Dream is ever altering to many people, but, to the Younger family, the American Dream is really almost being together as household, no matter where that place is.

Most people do not recognize they do have the same kind of idea for the American Dream, even those living so carefully together. “Guy states to his ladies, I got me a dream. Females state consume your eggs” (1298) Dreams didn’t seem to matter to this household, not in the beginning, they were all too caught up in the day-to-day battles of life to truly listen; nevertheless, that didn’t indicate they didn’t care of wish to live the “American Dream”, an imagine happiness. A Raisin in the Sun reveals us how, although everyone has their wants, needs and desires, money isn’t constantly the answer to the American Dream. Boy, Is it gone? I offered you sixty-five hundred dollars, is all of it gone, even Beneatha’s cash too? “( 1344) Walter was so captured up in his “American Dream” he lost sight of what was really crucial, household. Greed and selfishness had overtaken Walter’s life, never having had cash before he couldn’t see past it; however, what he actually desired was to make something of his life so that he could take care of his family, give all of them the things that would make life easier.

Lorraine Hansberry shows her readers the American Dream is about happiness, no matter what type it comes in, where a person lives or just how much cash they have. The American Dream needs to originate from within an individual to truly be a dream come to life. Hansberry, Lorraine. “A Raisin in the Sun “Literature, Approaches to Fiction, Poetry and Drama, second ed. Ed. Robert Yanni. New York: McGraw Hill, 2008. 1291-1355

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