A Raisin in the Sun 7

A Raisin in the Sun 7

A Raisin in the Sun reveals the difficulties within the black community and how to deal racial injustice of the white neighborhood. Through a character called Asagai, the play demonstrates how to value African Heritage. This play was a major advancement in the arts for blacks due to the fact that for the first time there is a black household on stage. Through this play Hansberry discuss major issues, such as racism, discrimination, hardship and even abortion (at a time when abortion wasn’t even legal). A Raisin in the Sun depicts hard questions about an individual’s identity, such as Beneatha.

Beneatha is a strong black lady who is obviously well informed and on her method to becoming a medical professional. She thinks herself to be a very independent female, when indeed she is dependant. Asagai, among the guys she is dating, points this out to her. He informs her that she acts as if she is extremely independent however she is relying on cash from her dads’ death to help her reach her dream. He mentions to her that where would she be if not for her dads death and the money that came from it? Asagai also notes on the truth that she straightens her hair (like a white female) If she was so true to her heritage why would she correct her hair?

Certainly she is absorbing to the white world. George Murchinson is another guy she is dating. He is big-headed and successful. His success in life is due to the reality that he fits right in to the white world. George does not like the natural appearance of Beneatha’s hair and asks her to alter it back. George appears to live in the white world and knows little of his African Heritage. A raisin in the Sun depicts numerous dreams from the whole household. The characters struggle with the circumstances that control their lives. Every member of the family has a various dream.

Walter, the boy, has a dream to be rich and wishes to have the ability to offer his household things. He imagines opening up an alcohol store with 2 of his pals. Walter appears to be the one with the most contrast in this household because he is a male but is not truly a guy. As you can see when he discovers his wife is pregnant and Mama asks him to tell her not to get an abortion, in action to this he says absolutely nothing and heads out to drink. When Walter loses the money to his jagged good friend he is ready to sell out the family by yielding to the white man, Mr. Linder.

In the end Walter does the ideal thing and gains regard of his household. Ruth is Walters’s partner; her dream is to have a home and to get out of the small cramped house they presently reside in. Beneatha is Walters’s sibling and her dream is to become a physician. Mama is Walter and Beneatha’s mom and her dream is to have her family delighted, and united. Mother has a plant in the play and it represents family. The plant grows and replicates even with little sun. The plant eventually makes it out of the house and into your home where it can grow and flourish, simply as the family will.

The style of the importance of dreams appears in this play along with the theme of racial discrimination, as obvious by Mr. Lindner. He is the white guy in the play who is trying to persuade the family not to move into his white area and wants to provide more money for your house then they have invested. When Walter loses all the cash he practically agrees to this but in the end tells him no and they are relocating to Clybourne Park. He shows that he is a man and does right by his family.

In among the scenes in the play Travis; Walter and Ruth’s boy, was playing outside with friends going after a rat around with a baseball bat. This scene was cut from the movie. I believe the manufacturers eliminated this scene from the film due to the fact that it represents things about a black household that wasn’t true. It makes them appear type of savage like. All in all I believed this was an exceptional play and as I read more into it ended up being much more fascinating. I believe Lorraine Hansberry is an extremely gifted woman, and I would read more from her. I give this play four stars due to the fact that of the variety that was depicted.

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