A Raisin in the Sun: George Murchison

A Raisin in the Sun.A Raisin in the Sun 1. a. George Murchison was a special character that was presented in A Raisin in the Sun. George was an African American guy born in the United States, who was very wealthy, and was constantly flaunting his intelligence. George and Beneatha had actually been dating for a while, and he was very interested in her and wished to marry her. The Younger’s approved of George and liked his appeal, and they particularly liked George since he was in the upper class.

However, Beneatha disliked his conceit and his assimilation into the white culture. George wished to wander off far from the African culture, and be more “included” in the white culture. He did not care about his African heritage, and thought it was a waste of time, which was a huge turn off to Beneatha. b. Lorraine Hansberry chose to include George Murchison in A Raisin in the Sun for a particular factor. Hansberry wished to reveal that African Americans in the United States wished to become more like white individuals, and assimilate into the white world.

George Murchison was not proud of his African American heritage, and Hansberry wanted readers to recognize that numerous blacks in the United States were and are still like that. George was the best example of a person trying to be more like white individuals, since he thought the African American heritage was a waste of time. 2. a. Joseph Asagai was an African American male who was from Nigeria. He was very happy with his African American heritage, and did not care about assimilating into the white world.

Joseph cared so much about his heritage that he hoped to return to Nigeria to bring positives modifications. He knew Beneatha due to the fact that they went to college together, and Beneatha was very interested in Joseph. He even attempted to teach Beneatha about the African heritage, and even slammed her for trying to “fit” into the white world. For instance, he critiqued her corrected the alignment of hair and told her to leave it how it generally is, which is a more African look. b. Hansberry selected to consist of Joseph Asagai in A Raisin in the Sun for a specific reason.

She wanted to reveal that there are African Americans who still care about their heritage. She wanted to illustrate that not all blacks wished to be like white individuals. He cared a lot about his heritage that he taught Beneatha as much as he could, and he wished to go back to Nigeria to teach medication and positive changes. 3. Joseph Asagai and George Murchison represent the American argument on assimilation. Joseph represented Africa, because he did not try to absorb into the world white. His character made a reader ask what it meant to be an African American.

George represented the total reverse of Joseph, and represented the African American who wished to assimilate into the white world. George did not believe in being in touch with African American roots, and he believes that it was a total waste of time. 4. There are many similarities and distinction between Walter Younger, Jr. and Troy Maxson. A resemblance in between them would be they were both working 2nd class tasks. Troy only worked for the trash company by gathering trash and ultimately driving the truck.

Walter was a chauffeur, who drove individuals around and opened doors for them. Another resemblance was that they both worked for white males as a servant. There was also a parallel in between the 2. For example, Walter was understanding that times were changing and he would be able to do more once he got the insurance coverage check. Troy did not realize times were changing since he would not let Cory play football, due to the fact that he did not desire him to face the racial discrimination that Troy dealt with in baseball. Plainly, there were parallels and resemblances in between the two males.

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