A Raisin in the Sun – 5

A Raisin in the Sun– 5

” The whole course of human history might depend upon a change of mind in one solitary and even modest individual- for it is in the singular mind and soul of the person that the battle in between good and evil is waged and ultimately won or lost.” This quote mentions modifications in heart. I think somebody who has a change in anyhow, whether it’s in heart o anything else, for good has grown and ended up being dynamic. Dynamic is identified as a continuous modification in activity or progress. Possibly the most dynamic character in Hansberry’s A Raisin in the Sun is Beneatha because of her modification in identity, career, and love.

The first reason that I think she is the most dynamic character is since of her change in identity. During the beginning of the play Beneatha had straight hair, in addition to everybody else in her household that was a female. She enjoyed and did incline her straight hair; until Asagai explained that she was conforming to society. He was mentioning the act of imitating the habits of some situation or some process by ways of something suitably comparable, or a simulation. He makes the argument that she ought to straighten her hair due to the fact that she need to keep her original routes.

He begins to mention being absorbed or, individuals of different backgrounds come to see themselves as part of a larger national household. Another thing that Beneatha to change her identity was listen to different kinds of music. She did this in the want to show to her household she did not wish to adhere. She wanted to show that she could stay real to her heritage. The next thing that led me to think that Beneatha is the most dynamic character is her modification in profession. Although Beneatha has actually chosen a career course, she is unsure what she wants to carry out in her extra time.

She speaks with mama about finding out how to play the guitar. Mom states, “Why you got to sweep so from one thing to another, baby?” (Hansberry 47) Beneatha replies, “I just want to find out to play the guitar. Is there anything wrong with that?” (Hansberry 47) “Ain’t no one attempting to stop you. I just wonders sometimes why you has to sweep so from something to another all the time. You ain’t never ever not done anything with all that video camera equipment you brought house-“, Mother states (Hansberry 47). She has pursued a number of various alternatives, but she is like a kid in a candy store and has an incredibly difficult time remaining, or adhering to something.

However the important things about her profession that modifications isn’t what she wishes to do, but why she wants to do it. In the beginning of the play she speaks about how she wished to be a medical professional due to the fact that of an awful accident she saw as a child. Her good friends deal with split open prior to her eyes, and she believed, “Well that’s the end of him.” However, one day he returned with simply a simply scar on his face, and ever since she wished to be that individual to help a child reside on. However, in the middle of the play, she loses faith and finds all dreams pointless, she forgets whatever that she when meant.

Asagai brings her back to reality, and assists her understand that she can make a difference and alter the world, a single person at a time. At the end of the play it now becomes clear that she wants to assist kids in Africa along side of Asigai. The structure of why is changed since love gets blended within her dreams. My last reason that I believe that Beneatha is a dynamic character is due to the fact that of her in heart. George Murchison provides the best chances for Beneatha and her household. Nevertheless, Beneatha comes to a shocking discovery after investing a night with George.

He says to her, “I do not go out with you to go over the nature of ‘quiet desperation’ or to hear all about your thoughts– due to the fact that the world will go on believing what it thinks regardless– “(Hansberry 97). After George’s departure, Beneatha is talking to Mama. She states, “Mama, George is a fool– sincere” (Hansberry 97). Even though George is a rich, attractive guy, his shallowness becomes his bitter failure. Beneatha recognizes that she can do much better than him, and that she is worthy of better than him. George is completely unconcerned to her discovery and thinks that his viewpoint is neither oblivious nor cruel.

The irony in George’s declaration is that Beneatha can make a difference merely by voicing her viewpoints and letting her presence made understood. Even prior to George made his brutal remarks to Beneatha, she was reassessing her choice of buddy. This is when she starts to look further into the enigma that is Asagai. Joseph Asagai, an intellectual from Nigeria. Asagai says that Beneatha seeks out those who comprehend her hardships, her lack of a guaranteed identity, and her requirement for an intellectual relationship. As is true with nearly any girl, what she believes she needs and what she actually requires are 2 noticeably different things.

With two guys contending for her heart, Beneatha needs to make a decision regarding who is best for her. She then, at the end the play, recognizes this is the male the she wants and need to be with. In conclusion, As Beneatha’s interests change, so does who she is. Her ever-changing identity helps to define her as a varied person. This is revealed through her modification in identity, career, and love. Perhaps who we are as an individual isn’t a lot about what we do, but rather what we can when we least anticipate it. Never doubt oneself and don’t fret about what others believe, due to the fact that often change can be a good thing, and often change is required.

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