Fighting Racism: A Raisin in the Sun

Lorraine Hansberry was a first black woman, whose play was staged on Broadway. She was born in 1930, and in 1959 her finest understood play.

A Raisin in the Sun, was very first staged.

It brought her awards and fame, as the audience liked her design, and the fact that she wrote about individuals, individuals who had the nerve to defend their viewpoints. The author died of cancer when she was 34, which cut her promising profession.

Objective Summary

Youngers, an Afro-American family living in Chicago, get the insurance check for 10,000$. every family member has some prepare for this cash. Mom, who is the oldest in the household, desires a bigger house, Walter Lee, her kid thinks of investing a liquor shop, Beneatha, Walter’s sister wants to spend for her medical school tuition, while Walter’s other half, Ruth, agrees with Mama.

In some time Ruth discovers she’s pregnant, and tells her hubby she is thinking of abortion. When Mother hears this, she puts a down payment on a home, which remains in the white community. But when the future next-door neighbors hear, that Youngers are black, they use them cash for keeping away, but the household declines this offer, even regardless of the fact that Walter loses the rest of the cash, as his friend Willy Harris, who persuaded Walter to buy a liquor story runs with his cash.

Beneatha gets the marriage proposal from Joseph Asagai, her partner from Nigeria, who desires her to graduate medical school and transfer to Nigeria with him. Beneatha can’t make her option. The family vacates from their old home, feeling that they are strong enough to meet their dreams on their own.

Subjective Examination

The play is an interesting and beneficial reading as it tells about individuals for whom cash are not the objective, it’s rather a way to reach their objectives. Each of the members of the Youngers household has his/her dream, and they are prepared to fight for it, and this dream isn’t having great deals of money.

Will Beneatha be able to leave her household and her life in the U.S for to move to Nigeria with Joseph?

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