A Critique of the Hunger Games Essay

The Appetite Games is the first movie of a trilogy based upon the books written by Suzanne Collins. The story takes place in post-apocalyptic America a nation now called Panem ruled by the Capital. Panem consist of twelve districts each responsible for growing or manufacturing products for the capital. The Capital keeps control by oppressing the people and forcing each district to provide one boy and one lady between the ages of 12 and 18 to compete in the Appetite Games. In the Cravings Games all of the candidates are put in an arena together to eliminate to the death till just one stays.

With use of sound, outfits, unique results, and the best stars Director Gary Ross and team where able to produce a remarkable film that would be loved by fans and non-fans alike. This 2012 movie was directed by Gary Ross who also co-wrote the screen play with Suzanne Collins and Billy Ray. It was necessary to them to make certain that the film was an adaptation of the book.

The book is told in Katness’s viewpoint so they wanted to portray that throughout the film.

In a 2012 interview Ross stated “I hope that this is a first individual narrative where you feel like you are strolling in her shoes, since if you ever … One, we wanted it to remain totally genuine, like we spoke about last night. Two, that it feel urgently from her perspective which whatever you’re perceiving, the uncertainties, even the unpredictabilities, even the lack of clarity about Peeta, you require to stroll in her shoes (Ross 2012).” A benefit of utilizing the first person narrative is that you do get to see this world the method she does. It adds to the enjoyment and thriller of the video games.

One method he had the ability to accomplish this remained in the way he shot the film. He picked to use hand-held cameras in a lot of the scenes and prevented utilizing to lots of wide shots. This helped to offer the impression that you are seeing it from Katniss’s eyes. Using hand-held video cameras could be shaky at times however I think that it did help to keep the story in Katniss’s perspective without utilizing a voice narrative to achieve it. In a few of the scenes where she is running it is shot as though you are seeing it from her eyes going through the forest. To attain this he utilized a cable-cam that is utilized in the NFL (Ross 2012).

It was likewise crucial to cast the right stars for each role. The role of Katniss was an incredibly essential role to fill. Ross wished to find someone who would have the ability to portray the strength, complexity, depth, tenderness and power that Katniss remains in the novel. After enjoying Winters Bone Ross felt that Jennifer Lawrence was an extremely skilled actress. When Lawrence was available in to check out for him he was convinced that she was the right one for the part. He told Home entertainment Weekly “However then she came in and check out for me and it simply knocked me out.

I do not want to go into a lot of details, but we did a scene from the motion picture and it was so exceptionally effective that it was sort of sensational. You glimpsed every element of the role and the potential of the whole movie (Valby, 2011).” Josh Hutcherson was cast to play Peeta Mellark Katniss’s fellow district 12 homage. Like Jennifer, Ross was persuaded after the preliminary interview that he was ideal for the part. Liam Hemsworth played Gale Hawthorn Katniss’s friend and fellow hunter who also helps look after her family. Woody Harrelson was cast to play the part of Haymitch, a previous victor and mentor to Katniss and Peeta.

Harrelson first turned down the part but after checking out the book and loving it Gary Ross had the ability to convince him to take the part (Harrelson, 2012). Ross also needed to find stars to play the parts of the characters from the Capital. President Snow, a power hungry and ruthless Dictator who ruled from the capital was played by Donald Sutherland. Donald Sutherland was thrilled with the screen play and after reading it sent an email to Gary Ross asking to be selected for the part and describing that he really comprehended Snows Character (Bissell, Ross, 2012).

The part of Cinna, Katniss’s stylist and the one from the capital that she connects with the most was provided to Lenny Kravitz. Another character from the capital was Effie Trinket who was accountable for accompanying the district 12 homages to the capital was played by Elizabeth Banks, who was also a great fan of the novels. Selecting the right stars to play the roles in the film can frequently make or break a movie. In this case they did an excellent job with all of the parts even though with a film made from a book it can often be hard to measure up to the audiences expectations.

There were lots of opinions on who need to be cast for each role however I think that Director Gary Ross chose a terrific group of actors that work well with the characters and each other. The next job was to discover the ideal areas to movie the motion picture. They were working with a little budget of $78 million dollars (Garrett, 2012). In order to keep expenses down they recorded most of it in North Carolina. A few of the locations consisted of Charlotte, where they recorded the Capital. An Armory in Asheville was used for a number of the training scenes.

Parts of the Pisgah National Park and DuPont State Forest where utilized for the scenes outside district 12 and the arena (Garrett, 2012). District 12 was filmed in a deserted mill town outside Hildebran North Carolina. District 12 was the poorest of the Districts so they needed structures that were in disrepair in order to get the right appearance. They discovered the old ghost town called Henry River Mill Town. Peeta Mellark’s Bakery was shot here along with the house of Katniss Everdeen. The justice building and the square where the reaping happened needed to be built to provide it a Capital Feel.

However, they had the ability to utilize a few of the structures that were currently there with some work to make them safe. By recording outdoors and in abandoned storage facilities they had the ability to create a really real feeling for considerably less than it would have been to produce it in a studio. With the places decided it was up to the Ross and his design team to make the look of the film. Gary Ross had very specific thoughts on how he wanted the film to look. He dealt with Philip Messina the production designer to produce the look of the capital. They desired the capital to be huge in scale and to look real.

He used many recommendations of grand places worldwide consisting of the Tibetan palaces (Bissell, Ross, 2012). To achieve this they used big concrete structures and lots of open area. When the tributes go through the capital for the parade you can truly feel the might and power of the capital. This is enhanced when you initially see President Snow up high on a spectacular podium embossed by the Capital seal. The residents of the capital required to be flamboyant and imperialistic but they did not desire it to end up being outrages or excessively humorous.

Judianna Makovsky was the costume designer who dealt with outfits for District 12, the Tributes, and the Capital. Among her most significant difficulties was to create the try to find Effie. Effie, played by Elizabeth Banks, was a character seen both in district 12 and the capital. Due to the fact that she was from the capital she had an unique look however they wanted to make sure that she did not wind up appearing like a clown. This was especially important in the gaining scene at district 12 when she was surrounded by the colorless coal miners.

Her clothing in this scene was a little less colorful and flamboyant then what she wears when they are in the Capital. Effie had a different Wig and makeup to choose each different outfit. Makeup artist Ve Neill assisted to develop Effie’s look in addition to the now well-known Seneca Crane’s Beard. Seneca Crane who was played by Wes Bentley was the Head Gamemaker. Ve Neill wanted to give him an intimidating look that would stand apart. Bentley currently had a beard so she was able to produce a style that really fit well in the capital and marked Seneca as a powerful and wicked character.

The beard became more popular then they had hoped and now it even has its own Facebook page! Another huge part of this film was the Sound affects monitored by sound editor Lon Bender. Bender likewise had the task of producing an abundant sound environment that existed from Katniss’s viewpoint. It was necessary that the audience experienced what she was experiencing throughout the whole movie. All of the noises in this film were recreated using the seven-one format (Tash, 2012). With the aid of Foley artist Gary Hector they developed Foley sound affects for the majority of the movie.

Many of the Foley sounds where developed outside in order to keep the environmental feel of the film. They utilized both a close-up microphone and a boom microphone’s to record running in turf for the scenes inside the Video game (Tash, 2012). Another huge part of shooting the parts that happened in the arena was preparing the actors for the action packed scenes. Director Gary Ross contacted a stunt group called eighty seven eleven to help organize and produce the numerous action scenes including the battle scene at the cornucopia (Bissell, Ross, 2012).

They required to create a credible fight scene while keeping the PG-13 rating. All of the tribute actors had to go through stunt training. They used stunt doubles less than ten percent of the time and only for really difficult or hazardous stunts (Bissell, Ross, 2012). Jennifer Lawrence had a personal trainer, running coaches, archery trainers and martial arts instructors. Josh Hutcherson required to put on about fifteen pounds of muscle to play his part as Peeta who had the ability to lift big bags of flower from operating in the bakeshop.

All the actors that played tributes went through rigorous training to play the part of their characters. The success of a motion picture is not solely based upon the amount of cash that it makes but likewise the affect it has on individuals that see it. Director Gary Ross had his work cut out for him to produce a quite loved book into a movie. His objective was to stay real to the novel while likewise producing a motion picture that even people that did not check out the book would love. With the ideal stars fantastic team, and fantastic places he successfully developed a movie that will have everybody on the edge of their seats.

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