1984 Quote Journal Essay

“On each landing, opposite the lift shaft, the poster with the massive face looked from the wall. It was among those photos which are so contrived that the eyes follow you about when you move. Big Bro Is Seeing You, the caption below it ran.” (Orwell 5) This quote is an example of how effective and persuading The Party can make a simple poster. The Party has actually put posters everywhere continuously reminding the Celebration members that they are being seen. Being seen played a significant role in every Party member’s life in the book.

Winston who was continuously frightened of doing things, such as having a face of stress and anxiety or not cheering with as much interest in the two minute hate. Everything that Winston did throughout the novel that he believed was not seen by the Idea Authorities was seen by them. Winston even attempted to ensure that his diary was not troubled with so he sprinkled some powder on the corner of the book.

That powder was carefully replaced as if it was the same as when it was initially put there, by the Thought Authorities, that is how watchful and investigative the Idea Cops is.

The Idea Authorities are continuously spying on the Celebration members through the televisions, concealed microphones throughout Oceania, and spies of their own. The Party wants to watch on their Celebration members to have control over them. They have no flexibility. Winston can’t even walk on a great day with out suspiciously being seen. Winston and Julia undervalue the power of the Celebration. Julia believes that she has actually got the Party and Idea Police figured out. She believes that she can conceal from the Idea Authorities. Yet when her and Winston believe they have beaten the Party and were working and representing the real brotherhood.

Though in the end they were the ones that were in fact found out, by the Idea Police. The Thought Cops are in fact watching, when least anticipated. The Party watches individuals of Oceania as to control them. This quote essentially reveals that there is no liberty or privacy in Oceania. That individuals in Oceania live scared to walk on an excellent day. All of this connects to the theme of the book. Orwell made the novel to reveal individuals what would happen in the future, or 1984, if the west became a totalitarianism federal government. This quote reveals among the dangers of the federal government managing whatever.

“He found that while he sat helplessly musing he had likewise been composing, as however by automated action. And it was no longer in the very same cramped uncomfortable handwriting as in the past. His pen had actually slid voluptuously over the smooth paper, printing in big cool capitals-DOWN WIH BIG BRO” (Orwell 19) The quote is an occurrence of what takes place to Winston when he dazes off while writing in his journal. Considering that Winston wrote this, there is undoubtedly a part of him that dislikes Huge Bro. Of course Winston is afraid of what he has written. Due To The Fact That the Idea Cops can catch someone even because of their ideas.

Considering that the dairy itself was currently a threat now what he composed was a threat. And even if he didn’t write it simply thinking of it was a threat. Why would he compose this? The Winston that was writing this was his real conscious. His mind realizes that what the government does doesn’t appear to be right. Like the consistent watching. He notices that he had actually in the past been persuaded to accept Big Brother. Though in the back of his mind he always understood that something wasn’t right. And now his back thoughts have stepped forward by writing “DOWN WITH BIG BROTHER”.

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