1984 First Five Chapters Summary Essay

Readers are presented to Winston Smith, his living situation which although called Triumph Mansion is not luxurious; it is a run-down apartment building. Readers are likewise presented to Big Bro, the government’s authority figure and figurehead for the Party. The telescreen constantly enjoys its Celebration Members, looking for traitors amongst them. Winston highlights a journal, out of view of the telescreen, since it is considered an act of disobedience against the Party.

He writes about the films the Celebration makes, the dark-haired lady from work and O’Brien, somebody he thinks is against the Celebration.

Winston thinks the Thought Cops will knock at his door, but it ends up being Mrs. Parsons, his neighbor. Winston helps her with the Parsons’ plumbing and her kids implicate him of thoughtcrime. Her children are disturbed that they couldn’t go see the public hanging. He returns to his house and conceals the journal. Winston then dreams of his mom and a sinking ship that he feels accountable for.

He then dreams of a Paradise devoid of the Celebration where he is with the dark-haired lady from work. He gets up to a whistle for the “Physical Jerks”, the Party’s managed physical exercise. Winston is yelled at from the telescreen by the workout manager.

After the “Physical Jerks” Winston goes to work at the Ministry of Reality where he updates Big Brother’s orders and Celebration Records so what Big Brother says is always real. He comprises a story about an imaginary individual, Comrade Ogilvy, as an ideal Party Guy who died. Winston then meets up with Syme, another Party member who revises the Newspeak dictionary. Syme speaks about the aime of Newspeak is to erase words.

Winston knows the Syme will be vaporized because he is too intelligent. Parsons, Winston’s neighbor, sees Winston to get their house’s charges. Parsons chuckles about how his kids treated Winston the previous day. The Ministry of Plenty reveals an increase in production however Winston knows the boost is in fact a lie. Winston thinks he is being viewed by the dark-haired girl, who he believes is a Party representative.

Chapter 1-5 Responses

1. I like Winston so far even though he seems very weak, which is simply a result of the Celebration’s oppression. The Party appears to be all over, affecting everybody. 3. The film, The Truman Program, is based off of the motion picture 1984 in the manner in which somebody is managing and supervising the lead characters lives. They have no personal privacy or options. 6. I was very shocked that the exercise manager called out to Winston. Up till that point I thought the Celebration always enjoying was a scam to making people follow the Celebration. 7. I would like the next chapter to turn into Winston investigating the Party and attempting to rebel more versus them.

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