1984 Character List


Winston Smith

The book’s lead character. Winston is a quiet 39-year-old guy living in Oceania in the year 1984. A Party member, Winston works at the Ministry of Fact correcting “errors” in previous publications. Winston is also an amateur intellectual who nurses a secret hatred of the Party. To safeguard himself from discovery, Winston goes through the motions of external orthodoxy, however relishes his internal world of dreams, memories and speculation about the past. Winston is married however separated, and has no children. Upon meeting Julia, he discovers an outlet for his heretical viewpoints and for the love he yearns to show another human. His physical and psychological health improves, and Winston begins to believe more strongly in a recognized covert movement against the Party. Unfortunately, the affair is short-lived, and the couple is apprehended. Winston is required to the Ministry of Love and subjected to substantial abuse and embarrassment, which require him into submission. As a result of this experience, Winston loses all rebellious thoughts, gains unadulterated love for Big Sibling and the Celebration, and removes his love for Julia. Simply put, Winston loses his humankind. Upon his release, he is a shell of a man, yet also a suitable, faithful, and dedicated Party member.


A 26-year-old Party member who operates in the Fiction Department of the Ministry of Reality. Julia likewise secretly despises the Celebration, but accepts its guideline over her and therefore outwardly seems zealously dedicated to the Celebration’s causes. Julia declares her love for Winston, thus beginning their affair and setting them down the course towards their eventual imprisonment. Unlike Winston, Julia sees life just, and is interested just in her survival and personal rebellion versus the Celebration – not in long-term plans for the revival of democracy. Julia is detained along with Winston and tortured in the Ministry of Love. When they meet again after their particular releases, Julia is spiritless, physically broken, and even nurses an unclear dislike for Winston. Similar to Winston, Julia leaves the Ministry of Love as a mere shell of a human being.


A popular Inner Party member with whom Winston feels an unusual bond. Winston feels that even if O’Brien is an opponent, it wouldn’t matter since he knows O’Brien will understand him without description. O’Brien is a big, graceful, and clearly smart man who leads Winston to believe he belongs to an underground movement against the Party, but in truth assists turn Winston in for thoughtcrime and tortures him in the Ministry of Love. O’Brien has plenty of odd contradictions. He can be fatherly – and even tender – even while fanatically revealing his commitment to the Celebration by torturing Winston.

Big Brother

The symbol of Oceania and the Celebration, Big Sibling is Oceania’s supreme leader, and is omnipresent through telescreen forecasts, coins, and even large posters alerting, “BIG BRO IS WATCHING YOU.” Big Bro is in theory among the initial founders of the Party and the Revolution, however Winston presumes he does not exist, will never age, and will never die. He is the mouthpiece of the Party, and the sign all Party members praise.

Mrs. Parsons

The partner of Tom Parsons and neighbor of Winston’s. A tired, aged female with “dust in the creases of her face,” Mrs. Parsons is the mother of 2 horrific kids coming from the Spies and Youth League and who are bound to ultimately knock her and her other half to the Thought Police. At the beginning of the novel, Mrs. Parsons knocks on Winston’s door when he is composing in his journal to request his help unclogging the kitchen area sink. Winston requires.

Tom Parsons

Spouse to Mrs. Parsons, and Winston’s next-door neighbor and coworker. Tom is a heavy, sweaty, simple man whom Winston despises for his unquestioning acceptance of whatever the Celebration informs him. Parsons is active in his neighborhood groups, and appears to really believe Party claims and doctrine. However, his child eventually knocks him to the Idea Authorities, claiming he was stating “Down with Huge Brother” in his sleep. Winston sees Tom while imprisoned in the Ministry of Love, and Tom is ironically proud of his seven-year-old daughter for having actually done her task.


A coworker of Winston’s, Tillotson sits throughout from him in the Records Department and is extremely deceptive about his work.


A colleague of Winston’s, and a poet who operates in the Records Department rewording politically or ideologically objectionable Oldspeak poems. By the end of the unique, Ampleforth remains in prison together with Winston, for, he believes having left the word “God” in among his poems.


A “good friend” of Winston’s and a philologist dealing with the Eleventh Edition of the Newspeak Dictionary. Although Winston dislikes Syme, he takes pleasure in having somewhat interesting conversations with him. Winston notices that Syme, although a devoted Party member, is too clever and too vocal for his own excellent. He anticipates Syme will be vaporized, and is proven appropriate when he suddenly vanishes.


Winston’s partner, who never ever appears directly in the book but is gone over at some length. Winston describes her as “unthinkful” and claims she was ridiculously committed to the Party, to the point where she referred to sleeping with Winston to produce offspring as her “task to the Celebration.” The 2 never had kids, and eventually separated. In a discussion with Julia, Winston reveals he was once tempted to murder Katharine when they were separated from others on a nature walk. However, he did not, and he presumes Katharine still lives, although he has not seen her in years.

Mr. Charrington

The owner of the antique shop where Winston initially buys his diary, pen, and later on a glass paperweight. Winston leases the space above the store from Mr. Charrington for his love affair with Julia. Mr. Charrington appears to be a kind old male interested in history and the past, however later reveals himself to be a member of the Idea Cops. Mr. Charrington leads Winston and Julia into his trap, and observes their action from the covert telescreen in the space above the shop. As he is being arrested, Winston notices that Mr. Charrington looks completely various, and has clearly been working under disguise for rather a long time.


O’Brien’s servant, Martin is a little, dark-haired man who Winston believes may be Chinese. He leads Winston and Julia into O’Brien’s apartment and attends their conference, however does not speak.

Comrade Withers

A former popular Inner Celebration member who got the Order of Conspicuous Merit, 2nd Class. The subject of a “correction” Winston must make at the Ministry of Reality after Withers is vaporized.

Comrade Ogilvy

A male Winston invents to change Comrade Withers when “fixing” the news story surrounding the honors Withers, an unperson, received from the Celebration.

Jones, Aaronson and Rutherford

3 Inner Party members incorrectly jailed in 1965 and forced to incriminate themselves of different criminal activities, including treason and murder. They are ultimately eliminated. Winston finds a clipping showing their innocence and damages the file, but never forgets holding the evidence that Celebration “reality” was fiction.


A coworker of Winston’s who postpones his very first conversation with Julia by welcoming Winston to sit with him in the canteen.

Prole Washer Woman

A big, brawny, stocky prole female who is continuously hanging laundry and singing below the window in Mr. Charrington’s apartment.

Starving Man

A guy briefly put in Winston’s holding cell who is clearly being starved to death. When told to go to Space 101 he informs them to take the man who provided him food (Bumstead) rather – anything however 101.


A detainee in the Ministry of Love who provides the starving male a piece of old bread. He is instantly penalized with a violent attack that breaks his jaw and triggers heavy bleeding.

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